NTT UX Design Consultant

My work as a UX Design Consultant and product designer at NTT Digital


  • NTT Digital
  • IT
  • May 2020
  • Permanent
  • My Responsibilities
  • Workshop facilitation • Journey mapping • Survey creation • Annotations • User interviews • User testing • Uncovering insights • Competitive analysis • Hi-Fidelity mockups • Iterative design • User flow creation • Widget design • Streamlining design • Design critique • Communication with engineers • Design auditing • Documentation
  • Projects
  • Smart building web & mobile apps • HoloLens app • Presales portal creation • Data visualisation & membership creation process enhancement • Intranet product roadmap planning • Content management • Design work for tenders
  • Tools
  • Figma • Miro • Microsoft Suite • Dovetail • Sitecore • Sharepoint

Smart building responsive web & mobile applications

I co-planned and co-led remote workshops with stakeholders to gather & prioritise requirements to create job stories for a new smart building responsive web & mobile applications.

I also co-designed, prototyped and usability tested designs, including collaborating with engineers & negotiating design finalisation with the Product Owner.

Planned and co-led 10 remote workshops using Miro & Microsoft Teams
Created job stories in Miro
Created a design kit in Figma
mobile app - Locker Booking user flow options
mobile app - chosen locker booking user flow
mobile app - Locker Booking hi-fi concept
mobile app - wayfinding hi-fi concept
Booking a desk screenflow (Hi-fi)
Search input
search results
confirmation modal
new visitor check-in tablet screenflow (Hi-fi)
Enter details
Capture Photo
manage room booking screenflow (Hi-fi)
Manage (mobile web)
expand booking
edit booking
mobile app on-boarding screens
splash screen
Support page
Scanned QR code
Floor Kiosk screenflow (hi-Fi)
Home screen
Desk selected on map
booking a desk
Find a point of interest screenflow (Mid-Fi)

Data Visualisation & Member Creation Process Enhancement

I engaged the client and our developers while redesigning the member scoring widget which involved PowerBI components so that the data visualisation presented required information more clearly, leading to a more cohesive and modern refresh.

I led workshops with the client to elaborate on their requirements. Then I analysed and made recommendations to improve the user flow for adding new members, assigning appropriate membership costs and the set up for digital contract signing which led to the adoption of a more seamless user experience for employees.

Original Member Score
Original Member score within page
Design options & iterations
MVP Option
time permitting option 1
time permitting option 2
Final Member Score
final Member score within page
Audit and enhancement of member creation process

Presales Knowledge portal

My project team was tasked with building a central presales knowledge portal across 4 regions of the digital business to source collateral & resources so teams could more easily create tender responses.

I generated insights from the 20+ interviews of internal stakeholders, created card sorting & treejack exercises and reviewed existing bid libraries to understand how teams were approaching bids & organising their information. I co-created the information architecture, created the Sharepoint portal prototype design, wrote the usability testing script, organised & conducted usability testing, debriefed participants, and recommended the way forward on features for the developer and project manager to execute the final designs for the project close out.

Miro board for information architecture, content modelling, synthesis & documentation
First iteration through final portal homepage design

Survey Creation & insight generation

I surveyed 20 & remotely interviewed 17 international client executive and subject matter experts to uncover how they used their current CRM platform. I presented findings in a digestible manner within project status meetings and the final report, contributing to recommendations on how they could improve usage before merging the CRM platforms for two business entities and introducing a new country into the CRM platform.

Created survey with google forms and conducted analysis
Collated responses in Dovetail and generated insights to improve processes & technology, ensuring a successful CRM consolidation

product roadmap planning

Generated insights using dovetail
insights informed roadmap planning

Workshop facilitation

Generated requirements for a hololens device app to assist a utility's field services division
Assisted a Data & Analytics team with design principles to improve data visualisation competency
Helped a superannuation fund uncover & prioritise improvements to their client microportals

My Contribution to tenders

I created a customer journey map for a scenario of someone needing in home trash services
Completed Sherpa canvas to inform win themes
completed sherpa canvas to tailor bid response
Created IndyCar case study
Created SuperSport Case Study
created tour de france study
I Created the storyboard wireframe for a mobile app
Final consumer journey designs by a colleague
Final business journey designs by a colleague