Design Concepts

Feature Concept to decide on a restaurant

Within 3 days I created mid-fi & hi-fi designs for a restaurant booking mobile app feature concept that would make it easier for a group of friends to decide upon a restaurant to book by setting up and taking a poll.

Feature Concept to add swag to an order

Within 6 hours I created a user flow, 31 mid-fi wireframes and 1 hi-fi wireframe for a new feature within a responsive website to assist employers who are sending snack boxes to employees add branded swag. The brief was to create a way for the sender to enable their recipients to choose a shirt with size & colour variants and a water bottle or phase case. As this feature was a new step within the existing ordering flow, it had to feel like a seamless addition to the user.

Food Truck Finder Design Concept

I did UX research, created hi-fi wireframes & prototype, and performed usability testing for a food truck finder mobile app concept within 1 week.

Qantas Homepage Redesign Concept

I conducted competitor analysis and created a concept for the redesign of Qantas’ homepage in 1.5 days.